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At Ōtūmoetai College, we prepare students for a world without borders, a life without limits, and for learning that will never end.
Powerful learning occurs through real world experiences and new situations which challenge what we think and know, inspiring us to want to learn more.
Ōtūmoetai College offers a modern learning environment that encourages students to achieve their personal best both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our Ōtūmoetai College Troupes did really well for their first competition and last minute changes with dancers! All 3 troupes danced their hearts out.

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Breaking News

New Breaking News Post 3

Congratulations to the following students for receiving major awards at our school Prizegivings this year.

2999 Dux
Jane Doe

2999 Proxime Accessit
John Doe

Sportsperson of the Year 2999
Fred Bloggs

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