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News Update: Term 2 Week 10

In this week's edition:
-  Fulbright Science & Innovation Graduate Award
-  Canterbury student designs new 3D-printed water filter to save lives
-  Birdhouse and French Doors performed in style
-  Young Enterprise Companies
-  First Cultural Arts Exhibition

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Fulbright Science & Innovation Graduate Award

Guy Jones from Tauranga has been awarded a Fulbright Science and Innovation Graduate Award. You can read the full press release here. Guy grew up in Tauranga and attended Otumoetai College and is now going to complete a Masters of Law specialising in Information Privacy at Columbia University. He was honoured at our annual Fulbright New Zealand Awards Ceremony at Parliament on Monday 18 June and will head to the US in a few weeks’ time to begin his Fulbright Programme.

Canterbury student designs new 3D-printed water filter to save lives

A University of Canterbury, and former Otumoetai, student is developing 3D-printed water filters with potential to improve water quality in developing countries.
UC Master of Engineering student Benjamin Houlton is researching how filters can be 3D-printed to remove trace metals from wastewater streams and other polluted waterways.
“Further down the track the filters could be used in developing countries like Cambodia where there are high levels of arsenic in river water,” he says.
His main focus is using computer simulations of water flowing through filters to determine the most effective structure.
The conventional view is that randomly packed filter structures have the best performance, however Benjamin’s supervisors at UC discovered that with new technologies this is no longer true.
He says modern 3D-printing technologies enable the creation of finer structures, which challenge the performance of randomly ordered models of filter.
With his Master’s degree due for completion next year, the race is on to understand and identify the most beneficial filter structure using flow modelling simulations, and validate the models against experimental data supplied by collaboration research partners.
“The benefits of 3D-printing mean we can simulate and predict the different flow characteristics before the filters are made. It also means we can recreate the same filter over and over.”
Removing metal traces from waste-water is just one application, Benjamin says. If it is successful it might change a whole range of packed-bed technologies.
Scion in Rotorua, which initiated the project in collaboration with an industrial partner, will experimentally test the effectiveness of the new solid filter designs.
Benjamin won the Biomolecular Interaction Centre scholarship to pursue his Master’s degree at UC and also received a prestigious William Georgetti scholarship which he will use to complete a doctorate overseas once his Master’s is complete, enabling him to pursue his research passions.

Birdhouse and French Doors performed in style

On Saturday night at Mauao Performing Arts Centre, two of our school rock bands, Birdhouse and French Doors, performed in style. French Doors won best original song and gained 1st place, giving them the opportunity to apply for the National Final later in the year.

Young Enterprise Companies

Four Young Enterprise Companies enjoyed their product launch at the Seriously Good Food Show last weekend. Little Koko selling fruit rollies, Tilks NZ selling a salted caramel coconut spread, Ember selling Cheese boards exclusive to the Mount and BerryGood selling blueberry chocolate and supporting the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

For more information about these products, please contact the business department or check out their facebook pages.

A huge thank you to our sponsors, Form, Mike Pero, Bay Events, Office Max and McDonalds Tauranga.

First Cultural Art Exhibition

On Tuesday the 26th of June, Otumoetai College had its first Cultural Art exhibition. The theme was cultural identity with a focus on the celebration of Matariki. It was really exciting to have the collaboration of Bellevue Primary, Otumoetai Intermediate and Otumoetai College students. 

The following students made this event happen.

  1. The entire Kapa haka group for their performance
  2. Tessa Olsen and Jordan Anderson for their musical performance
  3. The Cultural committee - especially Caresse Tarawa , Shelford Perry, Eraia Martin
  4. The Arts committee - Lucie Ward, Kylie Bertelsen, Melissa Yang, Fuschia Kent-ward, Hayley Kilgour, Stephanie Sidebottom, Court Scatchard. 

 A special mention must be made in regards to the artworks of Lena Min (Year 13) and Ella Drake (Year 9) who were winners of the peoples choice award in the senior and junior College category.


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