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DownloadPolicy Anti Harassment and Bullying 

DownloadPolicy Biculturalism 

DownloadPolicy Bring Your Own Device 

DownloadPolicy Child Protection 

DownloadPolicy Concerns or Complaints 

DownloadPolicy Curriculum & Assessment 

DownloadPolicy Delegation of Authority 

DownloadPolicy Discipline 

DownloadPolicy Education Outside the Classroom 

DownloadPolicy E-Learning 

DownloadPolicy Equal Employment Opportunities 

DownloadPolicy Financial Control & Reporting 

DownloadPolicy Good Employer 

DownloadPolicy Governance Board Chairperson Responsibility 

DownloadPolicy Governance BOT Code of Conduct 

DownloadPolicy Governance Principal's Performance Appraisal 

DownloadPolicy Governance Reporting to the BOT 

DownloadPolicy Governance Roles & Responsibility of BOT 

DownloadPolicy Health & Safety 

DownloadPolicy Health & Safety Contractors 

DownloadPolicy IFFS 

DownloadPolicy Individual Diversity 

DownloadPolicy Media 

DownloadPolicy Non-employed Personnel working within OTC 

DownloadPolicy Otumoetai College Timetable 

DownloadPolicy Personnel Management 

DownloadPolicy Privacy 

DownloadPolicy Protected Disclosures 

DownloadPolicy Suspensions 

DownloadPolicy Trauma 

DownloadPolicy Trauma Response Plan 

DownloadPolicy Use of Physical Restraint