KAMAR Portal

KAMAR Portal


The KAMAR Portal is a useful place for students and caregivers to view student related information.

The KAMAR Portal provides the ability for schools to publish student information onto the web for access by students and their caregivers.  It is a password-protected website containing the following information relevant to each student:

  • Academic Results and NCEA Summary
  • Attendance -> Timetable
  • Careers Information
  • Daily Notices
  • Financial Summary
  • School Reports
  • SchoolPoint -> Subject Selection
  • Student Details

Access to the KAMAR Portal requires the student/caregiver to log on using the allocated username and password that is emailed near the start of the year from our Database Administrator via dbadmin@otc.school.nz.  Note that students and caregivers have different passwords as they have different permissions.

The information is read directly from KAMAR using FileMaker Server’s Web Publishing Engine. This means the information is updated often.

Note that Attendance information is not published until 2 days later.  This is to allow time for all attendance and reasons for absence information to be collected and recorded in our attendance system.    Therefore caregivers will not be able to see it immediately.

If you have any immediate concerns about your child’s attendance or whereabouts, please feel free to phone the College Office on 07 5762316.