Schedule of Fees

Schedule of Fees


All fees are payable two months in advance of the student start date, or by arrangement with the Director. The fees are reviewed annually and may be subject to change.

International Student Schedule of Fees 2024 – Download

International Student Schedule of Fees 2025 – Download

Schedule of Fees for Short Term International Students (1 Term) 2025 – Download

Note: Money sent to the school for School Expenses is deposited in an individual school account for each student and the costs are met from this account. It is operated and supervised by the Administration Manager. A detailed statement of this expenditure is available to parents at all times.

The money in this account belongs to the parents of the student and the balance will be refunded when the student, for any reason, leaves the school permanently.


Each amount (1. Registration Fee, 2. Tuition Fee, and 3. School Expenses) should be clearly identified (please use invoice number / student’s name) and payment made:
Pay your fees the smarter way.
Through the education agent (if applicable)
By direct bank telegraphic transfer to the following account at:
Bank: ASB Bank Limited
Address: Tauranga Regional Centre, Level 1, 518 Cameron Road, Tauranga, 3110
Account No: 12-3194-0033970-01
Swiftcode: ASBBNZ2A

Receipts will be issued by the school and emailed to agents/parents as desired.
It is important that the school is advised immediately by email as soon as payment is made (please quote invoice number). The email should be addressed to:
The Director of International Students
email address:

Personal Accounts:

Each student will be responsible for their own personal expenses such as personal living allowance, mobile phone expenses, medical expenses, airfares, uniform, school stationery and other subject related costs, examination fees, music lessons, cost of extra curricular activities and study trips. The college will assist the students where required to open their own personal account.

Here is a breakdown of some of the expected personal expenses:
Personal Allowance $50.00 per week
Uniform $500.00
Stationery and Subject costs $250.00
We suggest students have a New Zealand Sim Card to contact their parents
NCEA Examination Fees $400.00