In 2024 we will move to having Form Time at the beginning of each day.

The rationale for this move is:

  • All students can benefit from a familiar and relational face, with a pastoral lens at the start of each school day.
  • Form Teachers connecting and checking in at the beginning of the day, with a level of consistent familiarity, is very important.  Furthermore, it is also an important time for the Form Teacher to check the basics, ie well-being, academic progress, attendance, uniform and general behaviour.
  • In addition, traffic congestion is becoming more of an issue, leading to buses being late.  We also have many parents who drive their children to school arriving late (due to congestion).  Student drivers can also be affected by traffic congestion.

Moving Form Time should mean a relatively smooth start to the academic day.

We will review this change to our school times at the end of Term 2.