Board of Trustees

Our School Board is comprised of dedicated professional people from all walks of life and connections to the school, with one common purpose, the careful stewardship of the School’s Purpose, Vision and Values and the strategic framework that guides the growth and development of Ōtūmoetai College in the present and into the future.

I’ve been practising as a lawyer for over 20 years in Wellington, London, and, for the last 12 years, Tauranga.  My wife Adele is an OTC alumnus, my oldest child is in year 11, and my youngest will start at OTC next year.

This is my first term as an OTC Board member, but I was Board Chair of Bellevue School before that. As a lifelong tennis enthusiast, I belong to the Otumoetai Tennis Club and I help oversee its junior tennis programme. I am an avid sports watcher and have to confess to the odd bout of binge-watching on Netflix.

Qualifications: LLM, LLB/BSocSci (Economics)

Matthew King

I have been at Otumoetai College for 17 years and have enjoyed every moment. I love being involved in many facets of the school and joined our Board of Trustees a few years ago as the elected staff representative.

In my time on the Board it has been a pleasure to be involved in and learn about school governance and to get to know members of our community who have the same positive attitude as I do when it comes to getting the best for our educational community.

Qualifications: BA, Dip Tchg

Eloise Stephen
Staff Representative

Ngāti Ranginui | Ngāti Tūwharetoa
Ngāi Tamarāwaho | Ngāti Hine

Committed to Māori achievement and prosperity; seeking and sharing opportunity through meaningful relationships.

With a passion in Governance and particularly Co-Governance models; it’s always fun to bridge the gap between the governance framework and operational realities.

Mel Tata
Iwi Representative co-opted

I have lived in Tauranga for the last 25 years and am married to Carolyn. I have three children who have all attended Otumoetai College with two now in further study.

I managed football at the college for 6 years and I am a life member of the Otumoetai Football Club. I have served on the BOP Polytechnic Council, manage Beca’s Bay of Plenty office with a professional services team of 280 and am involved with a number of organisations that help young people with their career choices.

I enjoy football (while my knees still hold out), sailing, scuba diving, motorcycling and working on my life sentence block.

Qualifications: BEng (Civil)

Gavin Frost
Parent elected

I became a BOT member in 2019 because I wanted to contribute to my community and I have a passion for people and education.

I am an ex primary school teacher/ principal, an ex professional rugby referee and my current role is National Referee manager for NZ Rugby.  My wife Clare teaches at Bellevue and both our daughters have been through Pillans Point, Otumoetai Intermediate and Otumoetai College.

I believe NZ has a world class education system and great teachers and school leaders. My role as a BOT member is to assist staff to “make a difference” – a difference for every pupil, a difference for every family/whanau and a difference for our community.

I am a proud “Oats Old Boy” with very fond memories of my school life and I am motivated to serve our school community.

Qualifications:  BEd, DipTch, PGDip Human Resources

Bryce Lawrence
Deputy Chairperson

I was born in Matamata but have lived in Tauranga since 1987. I grew up involved in a successful family business before leaving Matamata to follow a career in Tauranga.

I returned three years ago to that family business to assist with running our Tauranga branch. I have been married to Andy for 19 years and we have 3 boys, 2 at Otumoetai College and 1 at Otumoetai Intermediate.

I have been on a primary school board for the past 7 years with a keen interest in finance, employment, international students, health and safety, and the achievement of students. I’m very passionate about everything I’m involved in and genuinely care a lot about our school and community in general.

Lisa Adams
Parent elected

I am a year 13 student studying at Otumoetai College.  I was elected to the Board by the student body in September 2020.

My role is to provide a student perspective to the board’s governance decisions, which dictate the strategic direction and stewardship of the school.  In my tenure as student trustee, I have gained many valuable insights into how the school is administered and run, as well as how to make effective governance decisions so that Otumoetai College can be a safe and inclusive environment that allows every student every opportunity to be successful.

I am immensely grateful for my time on the Board of Trustees so far, and I look forward to the many bright prospects that the future has in store.

Josia Vickers
Student Representative

Senior Leadership Team

Our Senior Leadership Team’s focus is on leading, developing and monitoring teaching and learning.  Our goal is to create a foundation for all learners to flourish within a learning environment that enables students to achieve their personal best in their academic studies, the arts, sporting and cultural pursuits.

Russell views his position as principal of Ōtūmoetai College as being an absolute privilege and one that brings with it a deep responsibility.

The privilege is in being able to contribute to make a difference to student learning and to improve learning outcomes.

The responsibility is to ensure that every student receives quality learning opportunities and has an equal opportunity to fulfill their potential as a powerful thinker and learner. 

He believes that quality learning opportunities, student progress, and ultimately improved student outcomes are created within an environment where learning is central to a school’s raison d’être.

As an educational leader, his role is to develop and promote a shared purpose, to lead curriculum and pedagogical change, and to develop a common understanding of learning.

Qualifications: MEdLeadership (Hons), BPA, Dip Tchg

Russell Gordon

Stephen is a gifted and dynamic educator who seeks to inspire students and colleagues through an authentic and collaborative approach.

Recognising the importance of educating the whole person, he understands a learning environment based on respect, connection and integrity is key to achieving positive outcomes.

His vision for the future rests on the belief that education is about empowering young people with what he sees as ‘the most important skill of all, which is learning how to learn.’

Qualifications: BSc, Dip Tchg


Stephen Tisch
Deputy Principal Achievement, Year 13 :

Pip has a strong desire to empower students to become independent and lifelong learners. She is committed to unleashing student potential and ensure that all students experience a high quality, balanced programme of learning opportunities. Pip oversees the development of the school’s curriculum, professional learning and growth, by actively fostering staff and student talent in a safe and supportive environment. Pip also stresses the importance of building a strong partnership between school and home.

Qualifications: MEdLeadership, BA, Dip Tchg

Pip Woodward
Deputy Principal Curriculum, Year 12 :

Jude is a highly experienced educator and is passionate about students developing a love of and curiosity for learning within a safe physical and emotional environment. Jude believes that student wellbeing and positive learning outcomes are inextricably linked. Her focus is on maintaining values and expectations to ensure the learning environment is one in which teachers can deliver the best possible educational outcomes.

Qualifications: BA, Dip Tchg

Jude Brown
Deputy Principal Behaviour, Year 11 :

Dave has a professional background that includes a wide range of experience in New Zealand schools, and joined the Ōtūmoetai staff in 2021.

Strongly aware of the transformational impact learning can have on young people, his broad educational experience, strategic expertise and hands-on knowledge of schools brings a unique range of attributes to his role at Ōtūmoetai College.

Dave believes that learning needs to be challenging and fun and that students need to acquire the skills, competencies and dispositions that will enable them to be confident, well-rounded and successful young people in a rapidly changing world.  

Qualifications: BESc, BEd

Dave Cleland
Deputy Principal HR & Evaluation, Year 10 :

The role of Kaitiaki is to act as a carer, guardian, and protector. Bobby’s role is to bring the true intentions of Te Tiriti o Waitangi to life at Ōtūmoetai College, by blending two worlds for both Māori and non-Māori. This will be achieved through innovative support structures and programmes that promote equity for Māori education, through increasing achievement, engagement and hauora.

Bobby is strongly committed to ensuring college students are empowered to make the most of their individual strengths, grow in confidence and explore all that the curriculum offers.

Qualifications: BA, Dip Tchg

Bobby Ketu
Deputy Principal Kaitiaki, Year 9 :

Heads of Department

The core role of our Heads of Department (HODs) is to provide academic leadership of their subject area. HODs are required to lead, manage and develop their department to ensure it achieves the highest possible standards of excellence in all its activities.

Sarah-Jane Smith

Nyssa Poffley

Stacey Shefferd

Drama & Dance
Mandy Rowe

Dave Shefferd

Leo Wilson

Learning Centre
Claire Lander

Kuni Williams

Neil McDermid

Media Studies
Ellen Rombouts

Matt Bodman

Physical Education
Jamie Davis

Jean Grattan

Social Science
Nick Page

Special Needs
Caly Pillay

Supported Learning
Richard Brown

Kevin Meyer

Lauren May

Year Level Deans

The College Deans travel alongside their year level cohort and over their 5 years will work to ensure that our students grow into powerful thinkers and learners who embrace diversity, resilience and develop meaningful relationships with others.

Year 9 Dean
Mrs Caroline Reynolds

Year 9 Dean
Mr Mark Williams

DP in Charge of Year 9
Mr Bobby Ketu

Year 10 Dean
Miss Ashleigh Lack

Year 10 Dean
Mr David Williams

DP in Charge of Year 10
Mr Dave Cleland

Year 11 Dean
Mrs Melissa Nicholson

Year 11 Dean
Leo Wilson

DP in Charge of Year 11
Mrs Jude Brown

Year 12 Dean
Mrs Sandy Boubee

Year 12 Dean
Miss Nicola Hawkes

DP in Charge of Year 12
Ms Pip Woodward

Year 13 Dean
Mrs Yvonne Burmester

Year 13 Dean
Mr Richard Brown

DP in Charge of Year 13
Mr Stephen Tisch

Student Leaders & Executive Committees

Our Student Executive Committees for 2021

Mentor – Mandy Rowe
Waiari Kohu-Matika, Rachel Dunn

Mentors – Suzanne Kirk and Steve Gilvear
Millie Tisch, Moses Caldwell

HAUORA (Cultural / Wellbeing)
Mentors – Kat Brewer and Mary-Ann Braddock
Amy McAulay, Hannah Walpole

Mentor – Paul Braddock
Meg Kale, Zach Reeder

Mentor – Joshua Buxton
Reed Parr, Amy Charman-Moore

RUAMANO (Cultural)
Mentors – Kuni Williams and Lana Moore
Sasha Solomona, Kororia Solomon

Mentor – Joc McCreary
Flora Clarke, Pipi Kendall

Mentor – Pip Woodward
Rosie Gordon, Harrison Parkes

Our Student Leaders for 2021

Lisa Evans (Head Student)
Rose Mayhead (Head Student)
Chase Winder (Head Student)
Daniel Weiss (Head Student)
Josia Vickers (BoT Rep.)

Our Whare Leaders for 2021

Staff Leader – Kat Brewer
Moses Caldwell, Meg Kale

Staff Leader – Kendall Harrington
Zac Reeder, Monique Aitchison

Staff Leader – David Henderson
Hadley Murray, Amelia Farrar

MANUNUI (Yellow)
Staff Leader – Merwan Ghadiali
Ashton Gordon, Emily Mahon

Staff Leader – Mary-Ann Braddock
Taila Rikirangi, Joel Cory


Alert Level 2.

We will be following all Ministry of Health guidelines for schools. Masks are recommended, but are not mandatory.