White Water Kayaking

Canoe Slalom is one of the most spectacular watersports, demanding skill, stamina and courage. The aim is to negotiate a series of gates suspended over sections of white water as fast as possible and without touching.

Pitting yourself against powerful water is what makes slalom an exciting sport that always challenges. Joining a local club will make you new friends while learning about rivers and the natural environment.

Students can compete in local BOP competition and New Zealand Secondary School National events. Once event dates have been finalised, expressions of interest will be called via the Daily Notices and Registration forms.

If you would like to be involved in a club or are aware of upcoming events, please contact the Sports Office at: sport@otc.school.nz

REMINDER –  Canoe Slalom Bay of Plenty are holding a ‘Give it a Go Day’ on 12th November, this coming Saturday, which is open to all ages.

Canoe slalom is a great outdoor sport and is well represented in our area. As well as the fun of the sport it teaches safety around water. It is included in AIMS for the intermediates and has its own National Secondary Schools Champs.


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Tuesday 13 December - Office closes at 4.00pm for the School Holidays.

Monday 23rd January - Office opens at 8.00am.