Work Experience and Transition

Work Experience and Transition

Year 12 – 13 Students

During Year 11 there is an introduction to the World of Work through the mainstream option – Transition. Where possible and appropriate Year 11 students will be included in the school transition programme which covers broad aspects of work, Job Exploration personal qualities and skills and presenting their own CV.

Year 12 students are introduced to a variety of work experience programmes ranging from school based to community situations. Programmes are set up, adapted, monitored and evaluated. Direct support is determined by individual needs and job complexity.

Outside agencies can become involved at parent’s request.


Transition to Work Exploration (CCS)
IDEA services
Supported Employment Agency
Bay of Plenty Polytechnic

Transition programmes for Year 13 students involves preparing for leaving school. Situations are sought, set up, adapted, monitored, and evaluated.