Year 10 PAT Testing

Year 10 PAT Testing


The Progressive Achievement Tests (PATs) assess students’ Mathematics, and  Reading Comprehension. PATs are a series of standardised multiple-choice tests developed specifically for use in New Zealand schools. The scale scores enable a student’s level of achievement to be tracked from year to year.

The Progressive Achievement Tests (Mathematics, Reading Comprehension and Thinking with Evidence) as well as the gathering and analysis of student writing samples are carried out for our Year 10 students in order to gauge student and cohort progress across their two years in the junior school.

The test results help teachers decide what kinds of teaching materials are needed and which teaching methods or programmes are most suitable for their students. PATs are also important because they identify the progress a student is making from year to year.

These results will highlight areas of strength and opportunities for development for our teachers of Level 1.

PAT: Mathematics

  • Designed to assess students in Year 10
  • Assesses number knowledge, number strategies, algebra, geometry and measurement and statistics

PAT: Reading Comprehension

  • Designed to assess Year 10 students
  • Scale scores enable a student’s level of achievement to be tracked from year to year

PAT: Science: Thinking with Evidence

The Science: Thinking with Evidence (S:TwE) has not been designed to be used in the same way as the Mathematics and Reading PAT. S:TwE is not directly linked to curriculum levels or the curriculum content knowledge but rather, to the key competency “Thinking” in the context of the nature of Science. Science teachers use the S:TwE to identify areas of existing strength and areas where students might need support to develop the key competency of Thinking.

S:TwE is broadly linked to student age but is not designed to indicate science progress at various levels. National tools to do this have not been developed.

Junior Writing

Student writing sample are gathered at the same time our PAT testing is carried out. The writing samples are analysed to highlight areas of strength and opportunities for development in our Year 10 writers. This analysis leads to a deliberate action plan.

These tests (PATs and writing samples) will be repeated in Term 1 of the next academic year to highlight student progress.