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School of Rock Success!

The curtain has fallen, the costumes put away, and students back in class. All seems normal after the success of the School Show!

But nothing is the same!

Students have created memories that will forever be kept, new friendships have been formed that span across year levels, and Ōtūmoetai College has placed itself back on the Performing Arts Map of the Bay of Plenty!

A teacher always hopes that students will learn new skills while in their care. But to experience students who were kind, caring, respectful and eager to learn, is something that any teacher would be proud of.

That is the stance that I find myself in. School of Rock will forever be locked in as a successful moment of Ōtūmoetai College history, for the performance it was and for the quality of students it showcased. A proud moment indeed! 

by Petrina Chisholm TC

School of Rock Success!
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