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News Update: Term 2 Week 6

In this week's edition:

-  Teachers Japan Tour
-  Yr 11 Business Marketing Trip
-  Seminar:  Creating Financially Independent Kids

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“Make it Different Japan Tour”

Three teachers from Otumoetai College, Nyssa Poffley, Bernice Quatermain and Kaine Hansen were selected to attend the “Make it Different Japan Tour” along with 18 other teachers from various regions in NZ.

The purpose of this educational tour was to explore new and unique educational opportunities in Iiyama and Wakayama, rather than the traditional “golden tour” that students visiting Japan traditionally do,
such as visiting Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. This educational tour also aimed to develop new relationships with local schools and government in Japan.
Teachers meet with City Officials, Tourism Exchange officials, Education leaders and teachers in these two cities. They also had the chance to visit a local High School and have discussions with Japanese teachers regarding future opportunities for both Japanese students and NZ students.

The Educational tour, sponsored by JTB, JNTO and Tourism Bureau of Iiyama and Wakayama, was an eight day tour. Teachers explored Iiyama City, known as the “Japanese Hometown” and is famous for the deep winter snow and local skiing culture. Here they participated in activities such as Washi making, Sasa-zushi making and agricultural experiences as well as visiting Takahashi Mayami’s Doll Museum, Shonenji and Chuonji Temple and participating in the Marsh Walk.
In Wakayama teachers visited the Kao-Eco Technology Research Centre, Wakayama Castle and walked part of the Kumano Kodo (Pilgrimage Routes) - a registered World Heritage Site and also managed to experience the Togari hot springs and visit the local fish markets.

Through this trip, the teachers bring back a wealth of knowledge and a greater understanding of the diversity that Japan has on offer to enhance the experiences New Zealand students can enjoy when visiting Japan on a school trip.


Year 11 Business Marketing Mix Trip Rotorua - "What is the deal in Business"

On 11th May, fifty five Year 11 Business Management Students were given the chance to learn about the Marketing Mix from both Skyline and OGO in Rotorua.

Predominantly, the trip was to prepare for an internal at the end of the topic; about the Marketing Mix, and we were required to pick the brains of employees from each adventure tourism branch, in order to gain knowledge about their Product, Promotion, Place and Price.
Once we were done with the formalities, we got to ride the luge twice, and the OGO once!

All students had a great day in Rotorua, and further developed their understanding of Business in the real world.

Thanks to Miss Poffley for her efforts in organising the field trip.


Seminar: Creating Financially Independent Kids

Hannah McQueen's seminar is aimed at parents who want to better understand the financial challenges facing our kids and are keen to hear Hannah’s strategies for helping parents create financially independent kids to increase the odds of their financial success.

Date:  Monday 26th June 7.00pm
Location: ASB Stadium, 81 Truman Lane, Te Maunga, Tauranga
Cost:  $30 per person

Remember! Each attendee will have the opportunity to nominate your school to receive a donation of 20% of their ticket cost.

For more information about this event, and to purchase tickets please visit https://hannahmcqueen.com

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