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New Update: Term 1 Week 6

In this week's edition:

-  Year 11 Health & P.E.
-  Special Olympics BOP Secondary School Swimming
-  Futsal Champs
-  Māori Youth Summit


Latest Sports News

Year 11 Health & Physical Education

The Year 11 Health & Physical Education class experienced Dragon Boating as part of their Take Action assessment. All the students made superb progress during their session with their instructors. The students are interested in setting up a team in the near future.

Special Olympics BOP Secondary School Swimming

Well done to all athletes from the Special Needs Unit who competed in the Special Olympics BOP Secondary School Swimming Event on Thursday 1st March.
In particular these students gained placings in the following events:
Year 9 Students: 9SHH ~ Briana McCarroll 2nd 25m Freestyle and 2nd 25m Backstroke, Brayden Collins 1st 25m Backstroke, 1st 25m Freestyle and 1st 4x25m Freestyle Relay, 9JLM~Alice Sampson 1st 25m Backstroke and 1st 4x25m Freestyle Relay, Hayden Clarke 1st 15m Walk & 3rd 4x15m Freestyle Relay and Katie Phelan 3rd 25m Freestyle.
Year 10 Students: 10NTC~Brianna Newlove 2nd 25m Backstroke & 3rd 25m Freestyle and Cheveyo Price 3rd 15m Walk, 10GNA ~ Seini O'Brein-Faulua 2nd 15m Kickboard, 2nd 15m Unassisted Swim & 3rd 4x15m Freestyle Relay & Jack Phillips 3rd 4x15m Freestyle Relay, 10MKL~Haylee Thorpe 2nd 25m Backstroke,1st 25m Freestyle & 3rd 4x25m Freestyle Relay.
Year 11 : 11ATB~Caitlin Fletcher 3rd 25m Backstroke & 3rd 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay, Luke Martin 3rd 15m Walk, 3rd 4 x 15m Freestyle Relay, 11GYH~Jared Francis 2nd 25m Backstroke.Year 12: 12SRS~Tim Dobbs 2nd 25m Freestyle, 12PLR~Devron Lane-Aporo 3rd 25m Freestyle, 3rd 25m Backstroke & 3rd 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay and 12SNC~Jack Dobbs 3rd 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay.
Year 13: 13MCS~Joseph Harrison 2nd 25m Freestyle and 1st 25m Backstroke, 1st 4x 25m Freestyle Relay, William Hales 2nd 25m Freestyle & 1st 4x25m Freestyle Relay 13JSD~Taine Wipaki 3rd 15m Walk.
Thanks to all the Special Needs Staff and parents who assisted in a very successful event for the students and our school.

Futsal Champs

On Friday 2nd March the Bay of Plenty Secondary Schools Futsal Champs were held over at ASB Arena. This year we had three teams involved, two senior girls and a junior boys’ team. The boy’s team had a couple of tough games but managed to stick with the teams well. Unfortunately they didn’t finish in the top three. The senior girls teams were in separate pools for the champs, and unfortunately faced each other in the semi-final, it was an outstanding game with the A team winning only 3-2.  The B team went on to play Trident Girls, and won to finish third, and the A girls played Hillcrest High School in the finals, also winning by one goal to claim the Bay of Plenty Secondary School Senior Girls Futsal Title.


Māori Youth Summit

Ten students were invited to attend a two day Māori Youth Summit called He Rangatahi He Anamata on 27 - 28 February at ASB Arena.
The students described the experience as ‘amazing’ and it was an opportunity for our rangatahi to mingle with peers, make new connections and expand their horizons.
During the duration of the two days, our students were blessed to have met and listened to a variety of Māori role models from all over Aotearoa, including businessmen, politicians and other aspiring Māori. Each of the speakers inspired and provided worthwhile advice to our rangatahi about what the future could hold for them.
Students described the Youth Summit as an event created for us young Māori to learn our worth and how to take our talents and apply them. They took part in many workshops that gave opportunities to get to know each other, share knowledge and learn who we are and how we can use our talents purposefully.




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