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News Update: Term 2 Week 8

In this week's edition:

-  Mash Up
-  IFFS - Linus Heinel
-  L3 Earth & Space Science Skype Interviews

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Mash Up

Mashup is a weekend event, delivering a unique learn-by-doing experience for senior secondary school students. Designed to introduce entrepreneurial and technical skills to solve problems in our community, teams of four students develop a product idea, create a business plan and build a prototype with the help of expert mentors over 48 hours.  The challenge culminates in a final team presentation to a panel of judges. Ten teams from the region participated in the MashUp weekend, and the Otumoetai College team took home the award for “Overall Best Mashup”. They developed an all-natural healthy snack for kids - “Coconut-based Fruit Rollies”.

Paige Taylor, Kayla Dawson, Nathan Hyland receiving their prize from Judges BOPRC Cr. David Love, Kiri Diamond (Waikato University) CJ Dobbs (Mashup Alumni), and Tristan Vine (Lightning Hub Whakatane)

International Student - Linus Heinel

Last week we received a call from the Wood work Department that they were sending a student to our neck of the woods.  He advised that one of the International students had completed a project and he thought we should take a look at it.  We thought it may be a rough piece of work for someone who has not done this type of thing before.  However, what we found was a beautiful, elegant and carefully made piece of work that was absolutely amazing.  Linus who has come from Germany for six months had made this piece of wood work and told us he had never done this type of work before, a present for his mother.  Well Done Linus, you should be proud!  It was an awesome piece of work.

L3 Earth & Space Science Skype Interviews - Global Warming

On Friday 15th June, our L3 Earth and Space Science students Skyped with the Joides Resolution research vessel, which is the first ever ship to drill into an active volcano, the Brothers Volcano, in the Kermadec-Tonga Arc. 
Perry, our host, gave us a tour around the ship and we visited various scientists working in their respective departments.  We saw the latest core samples being studied, spoke with a geologist who showed us one millimeter of a core sample magnified to fill his monitor screen.  We then spoke with two microbiologists, Vivian and Jessica who told us about the extremophile present at great depths within sediments and how they can compare with these found in the water column to identify climatic changes.  It was very informative and exciting to see how scientists are working just off our shores.
On Monday 17th June, we spoke with Dr Cliff Law who is Marine-Biogeochemist at NIWA. He gave a similar presentation to Parliament last week on the topic of Global Warming and its evil twin, Ocean Acidification.  We learnt about how warmer waters and a lowering pH are impacting on our marine species at each life stage.  Interestingly, research shows that adult fish’s sensory capacities are being altered to the point where their senses of smell, sight and hearing are been compromised by the loss of carbonate ions, to the point where, they no longer sense danger from a predator and end up being eaten.  Larval stages are expending more metabolic energy on growth rather than reproduction and phytoplankton, which are the ‘grass’ of our ocean, are moving 400 km per decade just to find waters that they can thrive in.
Both talks have helped our students gain a better understanding of feedback mechanisms and how our actions, however small, can make an impact on our global environment.




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