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News Update: Term 1 Week 7

In this week's edition:
-  Christchurch Memorial
-  Geography Tongariro Trip - L2
-  Business Management Success
-  Great Barrier Trip 1
-  Mayoral Welcome for International Students
-  Safety Message from KiwiRail
-  Education Expo 2019

Latest Sports News

Christchurch Memorial

In wake of Friday’s events, a memorial will be located on the outdoor stage for the duration of this week. Students, teachers and staff are more than welcome to pay tribute in whichever way they feel comfortable; there is space for flowers, notes, and other forms of support.

Though a tragedy, this is a chance for us to show our kiwi spirit, by displaying our solidarity to the Christchurch community and all New Zealand Mosque attenders. At a time of fear, sadness and vulnerability, let’s make an effort to provide a sense of security and belonging to all affected. - Makayla Torrie

Geography Tongariro Trip - L2

The Year 12 Geographers spent three days last week completing field work research in the Tongariro National Park which was directly related to their curriculum.

Feedback from students reflected the fact that they enjoyed the trip immensely and are now able to identify volcanic features and zonation patterns in their natural landscape. Epic card games filled the evening slots.

Business Management Success

Y13 Business Management student, Louise Bremner, has been selected to attend a 7 day fully funded trip to Vietnam in April (sponsored by Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence). The Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (SEA CAPE) has worked with Young Enterprise NZ to create a business study tour with the aim of exposing young NZ students to the opportunities awaiting them outside of school and in the hub of businesses in Asia.  

The students will learn about the culture and business community in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam during the study tour, which will include site visits to established companies and start-ups, meeting with local entrepreneurs, as well as those involved in some of our trade relationships. The students will partner with local students to complete a business challenge.  This is an opportunity for students to understand the local business culture and trade environment and spend time with like-minded peers.

Twelve students from around NZ were selected based on their passion for business, interest in learning about another culture and developing their confidence and global perspective. They are taking part in the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) for a second year, where they set up and start a business at school.

Photo: Shayla Holloway and Louise Bremner - Regional Winners of Young Enterprise 2018

Great Barrier Trip 1

Update from Great Barrier

Well - all the teams returned relatively unscathed from their first overnight Expedition!  A few wasp stings, some cuts and grazes and all very tired but they kayaked back into Karaka bay in high spirits. All of the teams are gelling and working together well :)

Thursday morning was spent preparing for Exped- they loaded up their kayaks with their tents, cooking equipment and provisions and all teams were ready to paddle out just before lunch. They all headed to their different destinations:

Kotuku - sea kayaked out to and coasteered around Green island, kayaked to Kaikoura island and set up camp at Sunset bay.  Friday they snorkelled - before paddling home.

Okokewa - sea kayaked out to Kaikoura island and snorkelled before setting up camp at Bradshaws. Friday they went coasteering - before paddling home.

Kaikoura - sea kayaked out to Kaikoura island and set up camp at the top of Bradshaws. They went for an evening coasteer before dark. Friday they went coasteering around Green island  - before paddling home.

Today has been a day of re-charging at our home base. Students have caught up on their washing; finding the floor in their cabins and each other!  We played ultimate frisbee after the boys filled in a few of the rabbit holes on the front lawn!  Okokewa won the frisbee challenge giving them 3 points on the table. 

Yvonne cooked a fantastic pork roast for dinner and we are now all settling down to watch a movie before bed.  Tomorrow we have our 'give back to the community' day. 1 group will go to the Glenfern sanctuary while 2 groups clear the Ridgeline track or as it is now known - the Otumoetai track.

I hope this finds you all well - we are thinking of the Drake family and the heartbroken families in Christchurch.

Yours in camping! – Sherie Curry

Mayoral Welcome for International Students

“On the 18th March I attended the Mayoral welcome for International students with three Otumoetai College International students. Hocheon Lee from South Korea, Louisa from Germany and Hazuki from Japan. You were all very smart and looked wonderful!

Thank you” – Mihi Waaka

Safety Message from KiwiRail

We want to make sure everyone does the right thing when near train bridges or crossing train tracks and want to especially highlight the risks of jumping off the Maxwell Road and Matapihi rail bridges.

Trains and people don’t mix and we’d hate it if a young person (or anyone else) was involved in an accident there.

· The KiwiRail team know the water’s tempting but they’re asking you to please stay off the Maxwell Road and Matapihi rail bridges.

· The local railway line’s super-busy, trains are fast and heavy – and KiwiRail’s train drivers can’t stop quickly (check out the video below).

· Keep yourself safe by staying away from train bridges and only cross train tracks at a proper rail crossing.

· Please keep safe during warm weather and remember: tracks are for trains!

Education Expo 2019

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