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News Update: Term 1 Week 8

In this week's edition:
-  Help Make Our School Better!
-  Summer Tournament Week
-  Risk Management Camp - Year 11 Students
-  International Food Festival Recycling
-  Great Barrier Trip 1 Update
-  STS - Interested in High School Exchange to USA?
-  Year 9 Oteora Camps - Stars Programme
-  Cleaner Required

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Help Make Our School Better!

We need your help with a very short (but important) survey to help us better understand what it means to be part of the school community – what we do well and where we can improve.
We would really appreciate if you could take a few minutes to provide your feedback and help us shape the future of our school.

Please click on this link to fill out the survey.

Summer Tournament Week

This week is Summer Tournament with many or our talented students competing.

It would be fantastic if we had some supporters from the school come along and watch these events!

Rowing - Maadi Cup, Lake Karapiro 25-30 March.

We have 13 students who are rowing in the Maadi Cup which is the largest event in the Southern Hemisphere with over 2000 competitors from 120 schools and around 10,000 people watching the finals as well as being televised on Sky Sport!

North Island Rugby 7's - Arataki Park, Mount Maunganui

NZSS Volleyball - Central Energy Trust Arena, Palmerston North

Risk Management Camp - Year 11 Students

50 Year 11 students were blessed with summer conditions when they travelled to Whangamata Surf Club to participate in the Risk Management Camp.

Students were challenged throughout the camp getting an opportunity to learn about the risks associated with the ocean and how to manage these successfully.

The majority of students had never surfed before, so for a lot of them, this was a new and exciting experience.

International Food Festival Recycling

The awesome and hard working recycling team was: Charlotte Cameron, Roseanne Russell, Isaac Smith, Liv Donovan-Grammer, Jacob Guccione, Amy Miedema.

Great start to the year for the Environment Group.

Waste breakdown:
Four big bins of compostable plates, containers, wooden forks etc
One large bin full of Al cans
1/2 large container of recyclable plastic
Two small bins of waste for the land fill
A bucket of food for the worms

The compostable plates etc were organised by the PTA (huge thanks to them) and the bins are picked up to be composted by a local company.

Thanks to everyone at the event was looking for the right place to put their wastes.

Great Barrier Trip 1 Update

The past 2 days were spent back in their 3 groups with their leaders - fine-tuning their skills and group dynamics as they prepare for their 4 day expedition starting on Saturday. 

Kotuku and Kaikoura abseiled Orama stream, tackled the high ropes course, then completed an Orienteering and raft race challenge race

Okokewa went rockclimbing, climbed the via ferrata, did sea kayak rescues and high ropes.

Today all groups went out together for a 'fun day out'. They went to the Awana waterfall and then went swimming and boogie boarding at Harataonga beach. The weather has been absolutely incredible and the leaders have been able to get through a large number of activities with our students. We have been very fortunate.

Tonight we have a "Neighbours night" dinner with the Orama community - Alex their Italian chef is making us pizzas and we are providing dessert.

The next few days will be spent doing some homework, visiting the Glenfern sanctuary and preparing for their long expedition! Our job is to keep them all well and healthy until then!  

Over and out - Sherie & Yvonne

UPDATE 28th March: I returned with 29 tired but exhilarated students late last night from Great Barrier! They were a fantastic bunch who matured as the camp progressed.

We had amazing weather which meant that our students were able to complete many water based activities, culminating in their 4 day expedition navigating the island. 

Their main focus areas were decision making, team work, resilience, individual challenge and caring for the environment. Busy days and not much time for bookwork - but a huge learning opportunity and experience embraced by them all.

I’m sure they will be eager to share their stories with you – Sherie.

STS - Interested in High School Exchange to USA?

There is a free online information session Saturday 6th April - 9.30am (NZT).

For more information click here  

DownloadSTS USA Online Information Session 

Year 9 Oteora Camps - Stars Programme

Oteora 2019 was our third year that the Stars Programme from the Graeme Dingle Foundation was a part of Camp Oteora.

With Ales and Cheryl's help from Adventure Works, Year 12 and 13 Stars Peer Mentors facilitated all activities on camp.  These included Adventure Based Learning Activities, the infamous Animal Game, our night time Burma Trail and ensuring all is well through the tramp.

Year 9 students were able to work closely together to gain personal confidence while building relationships with senior students as Peer Mentors. With Adventure Works and OTC Teachers in the background, our Stars Peer Mentors lead, direct and encourage the year 9s through each activity.

Peer Mentors gain some incredible leadership and organisational skills while year 9 students look up to them as big brothers or sisters. Year 9 Form Teachers get to sit back and see their in an out of school environment and build connections all while enabling the student led program.  Year 9 Form Teachers loved sitting back and watching students build their confidence within the class and were keen to eat dinner cooked by the Year 13s. 

We had a great time together, setting up camp, cooking all our meals and going on a 4 hour tramp- with a good chunk of it through the river. Each night, year 9s were sent through the Burma trail with various scare tactics that Peer Mentors had put together right after learning the school waiata. I’m sure Steve is still out there digging holes!

Karyn Winters 

Cleaner Required

Cleaner Required - 15 hours per week in Term time - hours 3.30pm-6.30pm.

Apply to Mark Lunjevich (Cleaning Supervisor) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible.


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