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News Update: Term 2 Week 4

In this week's edition:
-  Otumoetai College Visits China
-  NZ Women's U19 Underwater Hockey Team
-  Smokefree Rockquest Heats
-  Support Otumoetai College Sports!
-  2019 Oceania Mountain Bike Championships

Latest Sports News

Otumoetai College Visits China

Lisa Weaver - Teacher of Mathematics.

Ten students, Mr Farthing and I ventured off to China in April for 20 days.  We had simply the most amazing time and all learnt an incredible amount particularly about how different New Zealand is to China.  We did a lot of sightseeing in Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Nanchang and Hong Kong including Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, The Summer Palace, The Great Wall of China, The Terracotta Warriors, Victoria Peak and Disneyland to name a few of our highlights. 

We have a sister school in Nanchang and our students have had the most amazing experiences of living in a Chinese home – trust us they are very, very, different to New Zealand houses yet the hospitality and welcome we received was humbling.  These same host students travel to our school in July this year and will in turn stay in our homes and attend Otumoetai College.

A typical Chinese College student attends school 6 days a week.  School begins at 7.10am and ends at 9.30pm at night.  They have two breaks during the day to eat and catch up on their studies.  Class sizes are typically 55 students to one teacher and they have 54 lessons a week – 6 maths lessons a day! School toilets have no doors and one big drain for all to use – our school toilets are luxurious in comparison!

The biggest differences I think stems from the governance of the country, with a population of over 1.4 billion people compared to us here in New Zealand and the need for rules that all follow.  Security was everywhere with the typical lamppost occupying in excess of 8 CCTV cameras in different directions and vehicles being controlled remotely by the governing agencies, should they need to.  If you have ever watched the television series, “A person of interest” it is nothing compared to the monitoring that exists of their society.  The cities we visited in China were however the most incredibly clean and well-presented cities I have seen for a long time.  The plantings and street cleaning was impressive and litter was something you never saw.  Birds were however absent, as were cats.

One of our true highlights was visiting The Warehouse Group Head Office in Shanghai and spending time there understanding the process of how goods are selected and manufactured, to be available on our shelves in our local stores.  Look out for next year’s throws as we had the chance to view the upcoming potential supplies.  In Nanchang, we visited an apparel factory that makes the clothing sold in our stores.  We can assure you they are made in an ethical sourcing environment and by the same machines and staff that make Calvin Klein and Converse.

We made porcelain, silk rugs, Chinese calligraphy, dumplings, performed traditional Chinese tea ceremony and so much more.  We will be again returning to China and Nanchang next April, so if you are keen speak to our students that attended this year or Mr Farthing or myself but mostly watch out for the notices.  It was in Mr Farthing’s words “one of the most extensive school trips he has known in his 45 years of teaching”.

NZ Women's U19 Underwater Hockey Team

Three students from Otumoetai College have recently been announced as members of the New Zealand Women's U19 Underwater Hockey team who will be playing at the 5th World Championships in Sheffield, England from August 14 to 24.

Year 13 students Katelyn Smith, and Samantha Keene have been announced in the squad and Adriana Lipinski as Reserve. 

They will be defending the world title that New Zealand won at the last World Age Group Championship in 2017. NZ were winners of both the Women's Under 24 and Under 19 category.

These three players are part of the Otumoetai College Senior Underwater Hockey team who will be playing in the Northern Zones Secondary School championships at Baywave on June 22 and 23rd. 

Here they are hoping to qualify again for the National Secondary school championships which are to be held in Wellington in September. 

You can show your support for the team and keep up to date with their activities by following their social media pages.

Smokefree Rockquest Heats

Five bands and one solo artist competed in the BOP Rockquest heats on the 18th May.

Delta, Suds, Saint Klaed's Computer, and Birdhouse all made it through to the regional finals to be held on 29th June.

trooint and Katrina Porter also performed brilliantly but did not make it through to the next round.

We are so proud of all of these bands and the hard work they have put in to their songs and their performances.

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2019 Oceania Mountain Bike Championships

Five riders from Contract Mechanical Service Performance Team set off to the Oceanias in Bright, Victoria to compete in the Under 19s cross country and down hill.  With the team Coach and Manager we made our way from Melbourne to Bright a small town that has amazing mountain biking tracks and is an adventure play ground for paragliding, cycling and mountain biking.

The Australian competitors had just come off the back of their Nationals competition 2 days before we arrived. They had first hand knowledge of the tracks so the team had two days to ride the tracks and plan their strategy for the race.  

Race day was mid temperatures and slightly over cast which made for a cooler race.  Elite men started First with under 23yrs following and then our team in the under 19yrs.  

The buzzer went off and within a few meters there was a pile up of bikes and riders with handle bars being clipped on the manic start shoot, our team riders managed to pick their way around the crash and get out on the track. 

It was a decent climb to start the race on single track so we snaked our way up the track before hitting the top of the climb, trying to pass when we could and get in front for some of the technical down hill sections.

Congratulations to Otumoetai College students Troy Herdman & Luke Kivell for their placings. 

As a team we had a great time, learnt a lot and have started planning next years events with a few races in America to gain UCI points then the Oceanias to place our best to be selected for the NZ team to go to the worlds in June 2020 in Germany.



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