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News Update: Term 2 Week 5

In this week's edition:
-  Year 13 Graphics Trip to Lake Waikaremoana
-  Year 13 Physics Rotorua Trip
-  Financial and Career Smarts Seminar

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Year 13 Graphics Trip to Lake Waikaremoana

Recently our Level 3 Graphics class made a trip to Lake Waikaremoana to visit the new visitor centre/tribal office. We also visited the new community centre at Ruatahuna on our return.

The purpose of this trip was to look at how good architecture is purposeful in its design intent, how it benefits the people who use it and how it should complement the natural environment in which it sits.

This was the first time any of the students had visited this historically significant part of the country and were stunned by its natural beauty and by the new Tuhoe facility at the lake.


Year 13 Physics Rotorua Trip

On Thursday a group of students studying Level 3 Physics went to Rotorua for a fun day of physics learning; they met with the creators of the Zorb and OGO who discussed relevant Physics.

Students were able to consider various aspects of forces and their relative components that are studied in depth, but with little or no external forces present.

They also delved into the Physics of rolling objects which is a new concept this year for the students. We then rolled ourselves down the Ogo track to experience some of these concepts in real life.

We finished at the luge looking at the banking of corners, and racing each other down the track.

It was an excellent day out.

Financial and Career Smarts Seminar

Hannah McQueen and the team at enableMe have helped thousands of Kiwis get ahead and get mortgage-free fast over the past decade.

They’re now on a mission to help the next generation tackle the tougher financial conditions today’s teens face, by equipping them with the financial and career smarts they need to succeed.  

Hannah is hosting a must-see seminar at TrustPower Baypark Arena on Wednesday the 5th of June where she will detail her research into the challenges facing teens, explain the solution she’s designed, and share tools and strategies parents and students can apply themselves. 

You’re invited to use the discount code ‘otumoetai’ to secure 50% off tickets - click on the advert below to secure yours.


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